I’m not a natural- born baker.

Laura Wheeler- the stylish baker

In fact, my dad (hi Barry) is still pretty amazed that this is what I spend my time doing.

You see- I came pretty late to the kitchen game and even though both my mum and my gran are both awesome bakers, I didn’t catch the bug until around 2010. The 13 year-old me would scoff if I told her this is what I do no- but I’d moved from the beaches of Devon, UK to the mountains of Wanaka and was working in a Wanaka cafe when I noticed the baker’s job was the best job to be had- I wanted to try some of that- and so a monster was born.

I’m self- taught which means less time in a classroom and more time fostering my (sometimes half-exploded) experiments onto anyone who will try it. I have a particularly violent hate for fondant icing and crazy-coloured artificial shiz, and a love of foraging for cool new ingredients and local flowers.

Mostly I love styling and decorating a cake and sending it out looking damn fine. Then you get to eat it, and I start all over again.